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Ceramic Solutions

There are two kinds of people who make ceramics, those who suffer frustrations and have losses and those folks who will. It seems that non of us are immune to having a simple, yet frustrating problem. In some cases those problems can put you out of business entirely.

To illustrate this, let me tell you of a conversation my accountant had with an IRS agent while auditing my ceramic company. As usual the business was taking a loss. When the agent asked what our business was my accountant told him that we make ceramics. The IRS agent nodded and said "Oh yeah, another of those ceramic guys, they all seem to have losses." The point being that so many ceramic people run losses that the IRS agent viewed it as a normal situation.

Clearly it would be a big help if you could get clear, correct answers to your problems as soon as they come up.But it is sometimes very difficult to find those answers. these days it is common to go on line and "Google it". However, there is no guarantee that you will even find the answer and if you do it is likely sound good, but be in accurate or hard to understand. There are a lot of people out there who have the best intentions and offer solutions that are often dubious at best. The problem is, you have no way of knowing if the information is good or not.

Knowing that caused Cameron Harman to create Ceramic Solutions a monthly newsletter that uses not only his 55 years of experience in solving these problems for people all over the world, but also brings in experts in the field from all over.

Each month a different problem is examined and soutions are given. In addition questions from readers are also discussed so you have an opportunity to have your own special problem discussed by experts

It is written  without "techno babble" so that it is understandable to both amateur and engineer alike.

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